OMG! This Billionaire Wants to Pay $150 Million to Any Man Who Can Make His Daughter Straight! Watch Here!

Imagine that you are a lesbian and you have just come out to your parents after being in the closet for so long—only to find out that your own father wants to make you straight!


He’s decided to offer any man a whopping amount of $150 million just to make you a “straight” woman. 

It may seem ridiculous but this is the story of Gigi Chao, who’s actually on a civil partnership with a woman for over a decade now. 

Her father, Chinese billionaire Cecil Chao, wanted to make her “straight” by offering any man to marry her in exchange for millions. 

The video report of ‘InformOverload’ in YouTube mentioned that he’s “desperate” to turn his daughter straight. 

Chao is the owner of the Cheauk Nang Holdings Ltd. The weird thing was, he has been wanting to make Gigi straight back in 2014 but was not successful. The offer was initially about $120 million. 

However, he raised it to $150 million in 2016. 

It’s not known what happened to Gigi now, or whether her father was successful, however

further research cited that Gigi is now 37-years-old. She graduated from the University of Manchester and had a spouse named Sean Eav. 

They married in 2012 but now, it is assumed that Gigi is already living with her female partner. 


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