Read Here! The Terrifying Tale of How a Man Met 'Lucia Joaquin' at 3AM! This Story Is Sure to Keep You Up at Night!

A lot of people love a good scare and nothing nags a person’s mind like a great urban legend. 

On the Boy Trending website, a netizen shared his hair-raising experience with a girl who messaged him on Facebook at 3’o clock in the morning. 

The girl’s name was Lucia Joaquin.  

According to netizen Enzo Cruz, he woke up at 3AM because he needed to urinate.  

After going to the bathroom, Mr. Cruz couldn’t go back to sleep. He realized the lights were still on and so he switched them off. He still couldn’t sleep. 

He decided to check on his Facebook wall via his phone – hoping to fall asleep as soon as his eyes got tired.  

As soon as he logged on social media, he received a random message from a girl calling herself Lucia Joaquin. 

Cruz decided to entertain this stranger, having nothing better to do. 

This is how their supposed conversation on Facebook Messenger went: 

ENZO CRUZ: Hello. 
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Kuya, Pwede po 'bang Makipag-usap? 
ENZO CRUZ: Ha? Tungkol saan? 
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Kahit na Ano po. Wala po kasi 'kong 
Makausap. Nalulungkot po ako. 
ENZO CRUZ: Ganun ba? Bihira lang kasi 'ko Makahanap ng 
Kausap sa mga Oras na 'to. Karamihan sa mga Friends 'ko, 
Tulog pa. 
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Bakit po kayo, Gising na? 
ENZO CRUZ: Actually, Nagising lang ako. Nagpapa Antok lang 
Ulit Ako, Kaya napa Facebook lang. 
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Hindi kaya Kuya kaya ka Nagising dahil may 
Gumising sa'yo? 
ENZO CRUZ: Ha? What do you mean Ate? 
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Wala po kuya. Nga pala Kuya ang Pogi 
mo. 'Nung Nakita nga kita, Nagkagusto Ako agad sa'yo eh. 
ENZO CRUZ: Ha? Nakita Saan? 
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Dito sa mga Pictures mo. Tinitingnan ko 
kaya ngayon. 

It was at this moment Cruz decided to do a little research on who this Lucia Joaquin was. He checked her profile timeline and discovered something odd. 

She had nothing posted on her Timeline. 

The conversation continues: 

ENZO CRUZ: Bakit Walang Laman ang Timeline mo? 
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Kakagawa 'ko lang po kasi ng Facebook 'ko eh. 
ENZO CRUZ: Tapos yung Profile pic mo, Ang Dilim ng Picture? 
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Madilim po kasi dito sa Kuwarto eh. 
ENZO CRUZ: Wala bang Flash ang Camera ng Cellphone mo? 
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Meron naman po. 
ENZO CRUZ: Gamitin mo para Malinaw ang Picture. 
LUCIA JOAQUIN: Sige po. Nga pala Kuya Gawin kitang Close 
Friends Dito sa Facebook 'ha?! 
ENZO CRUZ: Sure. Sige. 
LUCIA JOAQUIN: At Dahil, Close Friend na kita,Dapat Magkaron 
Tayo ng Litraro na magkasama tayo. 
ENZO CRUZ: O Sige Payag, Kapag Magkita tayo, Pa-Picture 
tayong Dalawa. 

Suddenly Cruz’s other smartphone vibrated. He checked on the phone and was surprised when it flashed – a second after he had unlocked the screen. 

Cruz was dumbfounded when he saw that no SMS messages or calls had been delivered to that phone.  


He put the phone on the bedside table. 


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