Shibuya Yuri Shows off Her Butt! Watch It Here!

We all know that adult entertainment in Japan is a large and widely recognized business given that this country’s views on s*xuality are rather varied and unusual, to sayu the least. 

Shibuya Yuri, a popular Japanese vlogger, loves showing off her cup-size H breasts on social media. In an interview in Taipei, Taiwan during her visit, she shared she loves looking and feeling s*xy, and she fancies s*xy things or anything that can make her look even more s*xy.

Yuri loves exercising and also takes kickboxing classes which help her keep her waist tiny and slender so that her chest can look even bigger in comparison. In the video below, she shows off her butt while working out on a treadmill.

Yuri says she believes her breasts are her best asset. She said that before going to bed, she gives herself a massage with essential oils to make sure that her tatas stay perky. 


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