Shocking! Priest Arrested After Sexually Abusing a 5-Year Old Girl After Her Parents Found Horrific Sketches!

The Brazilian parents of a 5-year-old girl discovered deeply disturbing evidence that a local Evangelical priest had been molesting her.

Both parents first discovered something was wrong with their daughter; who didn’t want to attend an English class taught in a local church.

The teacher was a priest named Father Da Silva, age 54 years old.

According to the Daily Mail, the little girl was so upset that the parents decided to take her to a child psychologist. The psychologist suspected sexual abuse and instructed both parents to look for any evidence that may help them in her personal belongings.

What they discovered horrified and angered them. 

Six sketches were discovered hidden in the 5-year-old’s book, depicting sexual acts being committed.

One of the disturbing drawings portrayed a man standing over a frightened little girl who appeared to be screaming.

5-Year-Old Girl Drew Shocking Evidence of How She Was Raped! Local Priest Arrested!


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