Tear-Jerking Viral Photo Showing A Father Saying Hello And Bidding Goodbye To His Dying Newborn Baby!

One of the greatest moments that a father would experience is laying his hands and eyes to his newborn child for the first time. It is always an overwhelming experience for any dad to welcome his little son in this world. But can you imagine how painful it would be for a father to say hello and goodbye to his dying newborn son?

Nixon Martin Tonkin has to say goodbye to his parents Marty and Simone 30 minutes after he was born. According to a report from Metro, the poor baby had “complications that led to his skull being fractured, leaving him with brain injuries and a fatal hemorrhage”. Initial investigation said that his midwife mistakenly pushed his head with her fingers leaving him with the fatal condition. Although there is already an initial speculation, further investigation is still being conducted.

Before Baby Nixon passed away, his dad Marty was able to say hello to him and bid goodbye moments after. Their picture went immediately viral after Marty’s friend, Simone Valentine posted it to rais some funds and awareness.


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