This Man's Manh**d Was Stuck Inside His Partner's Pr!vate Part!

A couple who was having an illicit affair was caught in the act after the man's manh**d got stuck in the woman's privates

The condition that caused the man's member to become lodged in the woman's private area is called v@ginismus. It is described as an involuntary muscle spasm wherein the muscles surrounding a woman's private parts become tense. This caused the member to become stuck inside and extremely difficult to extract without the help of a medical professional. 

Other causes for a penis to become stuck in a v@gina might be a urinary tract infection and/or a yeast infection. It is extremely painful, most especially for the guy. 

Those who caught the two lovers decided to parade them in the streets in broad daylight. The 2 were deeply embarrassed, covered only in blankets. People out in the streets videotaped and took photos of them. Obviously, there was no denying what they were doing. 


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