There Were Just 3 Of Them In This Ride At The Amusement Park. But Then This Woman Mysteriously Appeared Out Of Nowhere! SCARY!

Throughout history, many people have claimed to have seen or felt a supernatural presence. Many have said that ghosts and otherworldly creatures exist.

Skeptics have a hard time believing these testimonies due to a lack of substantial evidence

However, this viral video may convince some to change their minds about whether or not ghosts exist. It certainly did for us!

The video shows a group of friends just about to start their ‘Pirate ship’ carnival ride. The man taking the video is with these friends. As the ride starts, the camera pans to the left to catch the friends’ reactions. 

At the far end of the seats we can see a woman with some facial scarring enjoying the ride with the two other women. There’s one problem. 

The group of friends claims that there were only three of them on that side of the carnival ride: the one taking the video and the two women in pink.

Indeed, after a few moments in the video, the woman at the far end had simply vanished! There’s no possible way for this woman to get off the ride while it was still moving! 

Facebook user Xavier Hunter’s post read:

“Ghost in Theme park

The story claims that it happened in 2008, a young woman died decapitated and with facial burns due to a malfunction of the ride. The people who recorded this video claimed that there were only 3 of them on the ride, we can clearly see that there is a 4th woman ridding with them that then disappears a few seconds later!”


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