These 5 Celebrity Couples with Luxurious Mansion Are Definitely #FamilyGoals!

There are celebrity couples who captured our attention, not because of their sweetness on and off cam but because of their extravagant mansions.

Here are the top 5 celebrity couples who have invested their love and money into a mansion that will surely make them #FamilyGoals:

CRISTINE REYES AND ALI KHATIBI. In an episode of Magandang Buhay, Cristine nd her husband Ali Khatibi showed off their new home. It has a castle-like façade and a luxurious white and grey living area inside.

CHESKA GARCIA AND DOUG KRAMER. Who would not know Team Kramer? Their 3-storey house is surely a must-see! The interior has an L-shaped sofa in the living area, a spacious black-and-white kitchen, a tempered glass staircase, a family room and a home theater! Why bother going to cinemas if you have your own cinema at home!

ANNABELLE RAMA AND EDDIE GUTTIERREZ. The long-time couple definitely has a growing family. Their house is simple, linear, clean and very minimalist. They also have two living rooms, one on the first floor and the other one on the second floor. The master bedroom showcases Annabelle’s collection of shoes and bags.

REGINE VELASQUEZ AND OGIE ALCASID. Their house has a three-storey modern contemporary design. Their home also has a clean and minimalist look. They have an open-space layout for the kitchen like the theater-type kitchens in buffet restaurants. Of course, a grand piano adds more elegance and proves that the house is owned by a musical power duo.

JINKEE PACQUIAO AND MANNY PACQUIAO. Of course, among all these celebrities, we should not miss Pacman’s mansion! If you think this is an ordinary house, then you are wrong. His house is composed of different buildings. The main house is separated from the other building. The entrance focuses more on nature as you will be welcomed by plants. The dining area looks like a conference room as the table is glass and comes with comfortable chairs. It also came with an elegant swimming pool that appears like an infinity pool.


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