These Terrifying Dolls Were Caught On Camera Moving In Real Life! Definitely Terrifying!

Most people have this fascination for all things weird and scary. 

Even if you search the internet, you're sure to see a ton of horror-related content featuring either real or edited photos and clips. 

Somehow though, these creepy videos and photos manage to become viral all over social media despite their authenticity. 

Among the scariest photos and videos would probably be those that feature dolls. Movies such as Annabelle and Chucky are responsible for making these inanimate objects a source of terror. 

The fact that they are for children probably add to their scare-factor. The thought of empty lifeless eyes looking at you all of a sudden will definitely send chills down anyone’s spine. 

Here are 5 videos of dolls caught on cam suddenly moving. The authenticity of these clips hasn’t been verified.


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