This 52-Year-Old Woman Gave Birth to Twins. Surprisingly, the Babies Are Not Hers. Find out Who Are the Parents of the Two Kids Here!

Should we be asked if we know someone who comes close to being a superhero, we bet that majority of the people would have their mothers on top of their list. Let’s admit it, moms are the best! They can do everything from office work to house work, taking care of the kids and the husband, cleaning the house, cooking food, and many more. Moms would even sacrifice their own lives for their children. 

True enough, one mother proves that she is indeed willing to give everything to her daughter. 

A 52-year-old mother named Crystal made the ultimate decision that would change not only her life but also the life of her own daughter, Kendra. Now, Kendra is a one of the few women who has complications with her reproductive system, preventing her from conceiving a child.

Since Crystal saw that her child is deeply saddened by her situation, she decided to become the surrogate mom of Kendra’s baby. Both Kendra and Crystal, along with Kendra’s husband, thought that this would be the best choice for all. Who would be better to play the role of surrogate than their own flesh and blood? The procedure for the in-vitro fertilization pushed through in order for Crystal to carry Kendra’s child. Kendra’s egg and her husband’s sperm were artificially bound and then injected into Crystal’s healthy womb.

After months of waiting, Crystal finally gave birth to both a baby boy and a baby girl. However, Crystal suffered a sudden increase in her blood pressure. Luckily, the doctor’s were able to stabilize her condition. 


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