This Baby Miraculously Came Back To Life After Declaring Dead For 12 Hours! Shocking!

In Argentina on April 2012, Analia Bouter prematurely gave birth to her child. 

Weighing only 800 grams (about a pound and 3 quarters) the child was born without any vital signs. The doctors checked twice and eventually declared the baby dead.

The baby was then sent to the morgue where the body was put inside a coffin and refrigerated for about 12 hours. 

Analia, together with the baby’s father Fabian, insisted that they wanted to see the child again for one last time. Fabian used a crowbar and opened their baby's coffin as it was nailed shut.

“I put the crowbar there and started prying, I took a breath and took a lid off. At that moment I saw a white cover over the baby… The mother uncovered her face and that’s when we heard her first cry,” he said.

The baby was then brought to a neonatal care unit where she was carefully tended to. The El Chaco health authorities were surprised at how the child survived the frigid temperatures where it was kept.

“We don’t have an explanation for what happened. This is the first time something like this happened to our hospital,” said Perrando Hospital Director Jose Luis Meirino.

All the people responsible, including the gynecologist and the neonatal nurses, were suspended.

The mother, instead of blaming anyone, said, “The joy of knowing she’s alive is covering every other feeling, I’m a Christian, and I believe this was a miracle of God.”

 The baby was later named Luz Milagros, Spanish for “light and miracles.” A fitting name, indeed.


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