This Child Was Strongly Hit By A Speeding Car, What Happened Afterwards Was A Miracle!

Warning: The following video may contain scenes some viewers may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

The streets can be a dangerous place for children especially when the kids are left unattended. 

Between shady characters roaming the neighborhood and potential accidents on the road, the city streets can be a deadly place for kids.

This is why minors under 15 are usually accompanied by an adult. Safety is a very serious matter when living in the city. You never know when and where tragedy might strike. 

In this viral video, many viewers have learned to appreciate the simple lesson of looking both ways before crossing a street. 

A video has gone viral featuring the miraculous recovery of a young boy who was struck by a speeding car – and survived the encounter.

The frightening recording begins when a little girl runs across the street. The girl was being chased by a little boy, possibly her playmate or younger relative, who awkwardly ran as well. 

Suddenly a speeding maroon sedan came into view and struck the boy. 

Due to the young boy’s size, the driver may not have noticed the child cross the street until it was too late. The car plowed through the boy bumping the child into the on the street. 

Worst still, the front of the vehicle appeared to have run over the young boy’s head and torso. 

The driver immediately stopped after he had noticed what had happened. He got out of the car to check on the little boy. Amazingly, the boy appeared to be unharmed! 

He even ran back to the other size of the street, appearing confused. The driver then chased after the young boy, who took him in his arms and placed him in the backseat. 

The driver then, presumably, drove the boy to a nearby hospital.


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