This Couple Were Were Caught On Camera In Facebook Live As They Were Doing THIS S*Xual Thing!

Facebook Live was introduced less than a year ago and has been used for live streaming indoor or outdoor special celebrations, news coverage, press conferences and many more. However, some people use the feature for wrong reasons, even appalling, such as live s*x, r*pe, su*cide, and murd*r. Such videos have recently gone viral worldwide.

In the video uploaded by Youtube user ‘ralphjerald vergara’, a couple was on Facebook Live enjoying their leisure time until the girl touched her man’s junk. The camera was then focused on the guy and she joked how big his ‘member’ is by touching his boxer shorts

The video was ranked number 40 on Trending and reaped 94,747 views. One from the audience commented: “Na-inform ba sila sa tamang paggamit ng (Facebook) Live?” (Were they informed how to use Facebook Live properly?) Another one said: “Magkamukha sila. Di nakakapagtaka na parehas lang silang g*go.” (They look alike. No doubt they both look stupid.) 


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