This Female Cyclist Was Filmed Being Catcalled. What She Did For Revenge Will Impress You!

A female cyclist being catcalled by a van driver was caught on camera exacting her revenge. She was apparently beside the van along Goodge Street, waiting to cross over Tottenham Court Road in London.

The woman was filmed by a motorbike dashcam behind her. One the men asked her if she was on her period and offered her his number. When the woman declined, the van driver called her an ‘old dog’ and even touched her shoulder. He then asked her out for a drink.

When the van drove off, the woman followed them until they took a stop again and pulled off the wing mirror of the van aggressively. 

On the last scene, the motorbike rider was evidently impressed by what he’s witnessed. A few seconds after the woman sped off, he told the men, “That’s exactly what you deserve, you scum!”


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