This Lady Had a Crazy 'Period Explosion' in the Busy London Streets! You Won't Believe How People Reacted!

Warning: The following video may contain potentially graphic scenes unsuitable for a younger audience. Reader discretion is advised. 

There are some things women endure that men simply can’t imagine would be like. Pregnancies and menstruation are exclusively female issues that come to mind.

Despite being a natural part of the female’s biological makeup menstruation is often seen as dirty. That why women have to spend extra money at the end of every month.

No one wants to deal with that kind of mess, especially in public.

This viral video might shock some of you dear readers, but it is a prank video so don’t worry too much.

However, make no mistake many of our female friends have to go through this kind of stress every end of the month.

The prank is set up with a woman pretending to be going through a ‘period explosion’ 

Bursts of fake blood discharged from underneath her dress, spilling in the street while she pretended to cramp very painfully.

The purpose of the video was to bring awareness to this monthly issue that all mature girl have to go through.

Could you imagine as a man having to go through this every month? 

“See, you men don’t have to go through this!” she complained “You men are so lucky. You’re not like us women. We have to go through this every month!”

Throughout the video, only one Good Samaritan was kind enough to offer the lady assistance with her problem.


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