This Little Girl Was Abandoned By Her Father. The Ending Scene Will Break You. WATCH IT HERE!

Brace yourselves as you are about to witness something heartbreaking.

Hungarian short film makes a powerful statement about abandoned children and pets. Bearing the title ‘Gift’, the film starts the scene with a man who adopted a young, red-headed, pig-tailed girl. All is well in the beginning. The young girl easily got along with her sister and her then mother. It was a portrait of a happy family.

However, things gradually changed. The adoptive family seemed to now find the little girl less adorable, which in turn made the girl want to get their attention. She would spill drinks on the table, bother the father while working, and makes the room a total mess. In return, the family finds her vexing.

In the end, the family opted to abandon the girl. The father made a long drive and stopped in the middle of nowhere. He then throws the doll and the girl frantically runs to get it, he drives away…leaving the poor girl behind.


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