This Man Was Called Crazy by His Neighbors for Spending $8,300 on a Plastic Tube but You Wouldn't Believe His Reason! READ HERE!

Imagine if you were just going on your own business when suddenly, a burst of overwhelming water floods your house--and almost your entire neighborhood as well! 

According to Little Things, this was what happened to Adam Wagner, a man from Texas who was initially laughed at by his neighbors for doing what they thought was ridiculous. 

Wagner’s neighborhood was flooded by 27 inches of water and people were being evacuated from their own homes. Meanwhile, Wagner thought of a different thing.

He decided to save his house and the other houses as well by getting a 400-foot tube that cost him $8,300. He filled the plastic that was able to act as a “giant sandbag” surrounding his house. 

It took a long time (in fact, hours!) just to fill the plastic with water but he was, fortunately, able to get the job done—and saved his own neighborhood as well! 

It was revealed that Wagner used a plastic dam called the “Aqua Dam” to prevent further water from spilling all over the place. 

After that, his neighbors remained silent and they couldn’t laugh at him anymore. 

Wagner said that the “Aqua Dam” was just a “small amount of investment” for him since he was able to rescue homes. 


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