This News Anchor Was Completely Shocked When The Camera Caught Her Doing This

It is important to take short breaks in between work hours. It allows employees a breath of sanity and comfort amidst the toxic deadlines and requirements. 

Different employees have different ways to take a break. Some eat, some grab a quick cigarette break, while others lash out their stress and frustrations at this time. 

But how do you do all this when you are a news anchor on air? 

Natasha Exelby, a news anchor from ABC 24, did know her way around. During a live on-air broadcast, she was caught off-guard, while fiddling with her pen. The anchor was completely unaware that she was already on air and it took her a few seconds to realize the dead air that her daydreaming and fiddling caused. 

News anchors are one of the most professional looking workers. They need to look reliable and focused so that viewers will know that they share real news. Add to that the atmosphere and format of news shows which are often serious. 

Good thing, Natasha knows how to inject humor on her actions. She tweeted an apology to all the viewers, with wit, as she said that her pen salutes all the viewers. 


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