Woman Uses A 'Cassava' Or Kamote To Pleasure Herself But Ends Being In The Hospital Instead!

Listen up guys! It may not be obvious, but women pleasure themselves too, you know. History even states that women have been doing so since the medieval times (most likely earlier because we are s*xual beings). 

Nowadays, m@sturb@tion is not considered as a disease anymore and s*x toys are available almost everywhere. However, these pleasure devices can be quite expensive and embarrassing to purchase. This is why some women choose to improvise just to satisfy themselves. 

We’re sure you’ve heard of girls using long household materials or even vegetables, particularly eggplants and cucumbers, to use on themselves. Still, there are some women who love to experiment. They ditch the cucumbers and look for something else just to change things up a bit. 

One post went viral because a woman allegedly used cassava to pleasure herself.

This Woman Uses A 'Cassava' Or Kamote For Her Own Pleasure But Ends Up Being Rushed To The Hospital!

At first, she thought it was a good idea - until she failed. The intense amount of pleasure turned to pressure and caused her vagina to tighten and eventually close down.

As a result, the cassava, a.k.a. “kamoteng kahoy” got stuck inside her. 


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