This Woman Won The Lottery And Decided To Divorce Her Husband, But What Happened Afterwards Turned Out To Be The Biggest Mistake She Ever Made!

If you won a whopping amount of $15 million or more than Php 747 million on a lottery, you would probably purchase whatever you would like to buy using the money. However, a married woman suddenly decided to divorce her husband upon winning the lottery. Not much later, she find out that it this the biggest mistake that she has made in her entire life.

Facebook user Tom Mabe documented how his wife reacted when she saw that the numbers on her lottery ticket are what have been drawn on ‘Powerball’. It was just like a normal night for the couple when Tom’s wife checked on her lottery ticket. She was extremely shocked when she realized that she won the $15 million from the lottery.

Surprisingly, Tom’s wife suddenly talked about her ‘miserable’ married life with her husband. She claimed that nothing works out for them anymore. She was actually asking for a divorce, saying they could live in separate houses. She even told her husband that he could have the custody of their son and pet dog.

Tom was shocked. However, his wife has no idea that EVERYTHING WAS JUST A PRANK. YES!


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