VIRAL: Brave Security Guard Defends Bank From From Two Robbers In Seconds! Watch This Unbelievable Video!

Banks are always the targets of big-time robbers. This is why it is a no-no for a bank to have no proper security measures. These kinds of banks are highly-susceptible to bank robberies.

However, this small bank featured in this viral CCTV footage seemed to be an exception. With only one security guard on-duty, the bank was able to hold off a possible robbery. 

The action started when a man entered the bank and pointed a gun at the security guard. The guard was able to make the suspect drop his gun after he grabbed him by his shoulders. Meanwhile, another suspect attempted to enter the bank but before he even reached for the door, the security guard was able to shoot him, causing the suspect to run away immediately. The other suspect who was already inside the bank got stuck on the door and failed to escape. The guard then pointed his gun at him and made him kneel down the floor. 


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