Warning: This Is The Main Reason Why You Should Never Leave Your Phone Beside You While You Sleep!

Many people nowadays have to rely on their phones in order to function properly on a daily basis. We need them for our transportation, communication, for searching for information online, for our entertainment. Because of this, phones have transformed from being a luxury to almost a need.

Despite the many advantages of our mobile devices, they also have disadvantages which we rarely see.

It seems, in fact, that cellphones, particularly smartphones, have been proven to be harmful to a person’s health.

The debate on whether smartphones emit lethal amounts of radiation has been going on ever since this means of communication has been made available for public use. 

Some experts claim that due to the size of the gadgets and the chemicals used to produce these gadgets, smartphones can be detrimental to our health. 

Another reason why most specialists warn us from keeping smartphones beside you when you are asleep is because it can mess up your sleeping patterns.

Because your mind is conditioned to expect calls or respond to your phone’s ringtone as soon as you can, you will most likely wake up in the middle of the night just to check your phone for any messages. This gets in the way of your natural sleeping pattern, making it difficult for your cells to repair any damages you’ve sustained within the day. 


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