WATCH: Chinese Old Man Dies While Having The Service Of A Prostitute But There Is A Bigger Problem! Find Out Here!

It is scientifically proven that men do not easily lose their sexual desires even as they age. This is assumed to be the reason why older men in China whose age ranges from 50-60 years old pay for the service of a prostitute. As a result, prostitution thrives deeply in the Chinese community.

A story of prostitution went viral after its documentation was uploaded in a popular video-sharing platform, Live Leak. The video featured an old Chinese man who died while having sexual intercourse with a paid prostitute. It is surprising to know someone dying while making love. However, what made the situation more bizarre is the assumption that the genitals of the old man was stuck inside the prostitute’s vagina.

This was reported to have actually happened as the video shows what seems to be a paramedic team carrying the dead body of the old man while an assumed woman is still on top of him. 


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