WATCH! Family Heard Teenage Girl Cry for Help Inside Her Tomb a Day After Her Burial. What Happens Next Will Truly Shock You!

Cases of people being buried alive have decreased over time because of the popularization of conducting autopsies. However, there are still a few places all over the world where autopsies are rarely done on a corpse. This is why reports of people coming back to life after being buried are common in these locations.

Last 2015, reports of a teenage girl from Honduras who apparently came back to life went viral all over the internet. According to the family of deceased 16-year-old Neysi Perez, her husband Rudy Gonzalez heard her screaming inside her tomb when he visited her grave the following day. Apart from loud screaming, he also heard her banging from the inside.

The relatives quickly rushed to open her cemented tomb in hopes of getting her out alive. When they opened the tomb, they found the glass on her coffin smashed up and Neysi’s hands bruised which is a sign that she was indeed buried alive.

They immediately brought her body to San Pedro Sula hospital but to no avail. Doctor’s confirmed that Neysi had no pulse and was clinically dead. Afterwards, they brought her body back to the same tomb where she was first buried in La Entrada General Cemetery.

Her relatives blame the medics who signed her death certificate hurriedly. Family and friends claimed that Neysi was still alive the first time medical experts claimed Neysi was dead. 


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