Watch Here! 'KPOP Stars' Judges Completely Stunned After Watching This 10-Year-Old Girl's Performance!

A 10-year-old girl is burning up the stage and shocking audience members with her amazing trending performance!

Han Byul, the little girl with the killer-moves, is a contestant of a reality talent show in South Korea called KPOP STAR

KPOP STAR is a show where the top three entertainment/talent agencies in South Korea hold auditions across the globe in search the next potential K-Pop stars. 

Han Byul performed her dance set with the hit song "Burn it up" by Janet Jackson and Missy Elliott.

As can be heard in this viral video, fans were completely surprised and were rooting for the young contestant.

The judges were in complete disbelief with how this darling little girl could move like she did! Her small smirks and sexy steps had caught the hearts of everyone. 

However, some were concerned and thought that it was inappropriate that such a young girl would think of dancing like adult K-Pop stars. Still, something has to be said about Han Byul's talent and how confident she was performing on stage. 


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