Watch Here! Netizens Couldn't Believe What This Scandalous Couple Was Doing in a Public Pool!

WARNING: The following video may contain scenes and themes unsuitable for minors. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

Don’t you just hate public displays of affection?

While 2-second kisses and really big hugs are fine – kissing for more than 5 seconds and watching someone’s hand slither around someone’s body tends to make most people feel awkward.

Sometimes when things get heated between a couple, you just want to yell “get a room.”

Which is what netizens have been shouting while watching this viral video.

The Facebook page ‘BIDYO Trending’ shared this really intense video of a couple swimming in a pool. 

The couple was filmed moving around each other in a public pool.

They were readjusting their positions trying to find a comfortable spot – in a very spacious pool.

For anyone over the age of 18,  it seemed pretty obvious what was going on. 

The couple wasn't content in keeping their grinding low-key, changing their positions every now and then.


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