WATCH: Julia Baretto Scandal Is Going Viral! You Have to Watch This!

A video of Julia Baretto, together with her loveteam partner Joshua Garcia are making the rounds online and currently making a lot of netizens curious, according to the uploader, Ohania update, Julia Baretto had a dress malfunction. 

Of course, humans love to peek into hidden territory,generally speaking, and so it attracted attention and people went out scouring the internet for the video. 

The uploaded on video on YT seems to be  raw footage of Julia and Joshua's endorsement, where they are eating a hotdog sandwich. Very suggestive, eh? At 00:11-00:13, the video was replayed several times. It is the duration where Julia adjusted her skirt, as she was standing up from a stool, with the help of Joshua. 

If you watch the rest of the video, you'll see the both of them being chummy and cheesy romantic with each other, while taking bits from a hotdog sandwich. 

To the disappointment of those who raved and had hopes of seeing whatever Julia is concealing, there is no peeking, no wardrobe malfunction whatsoever, it was another trap to attract views and likes or dislikes from ignorant or perverted users who would easily be fooled by any sort of scandal coming out. 

A lesson for everyone: be more critical. In this age of ignorance and irresponsible use of the internet, knowledge and common sense are great tools to possess. 


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