Watch: Megan Young Revealed The Story Behind The Scar that a Netizen Asked Her About.

Recently, Megan Young shocked netizens after revealing that she once went under the knife and had major surgery. 

She confessed this is after she posted a photo of herself wearing a bikini on her Instagram account

She captioned the photo with: "Beachin. Plus birthmarks. my mom loved biting them when I was younger haha gigil mode!"

However, one netizen noticed a scar that piqued her curiosity. 

Netizen Kathy Lyn Calip commented: "is that a post surgery scar?" The beauty queen, who was the first Filipina to be crowned Miss World in 2013, kindly replied to Calip and said: "yeah from when I had my appendix removed [crying emoji]".

Calip noted how she initially thought that Megan had a cesarean section surgery, but was thankful that Megan replied to her and immediately clarified. She also noted how the Miss World titleholder remains humble despite being one of the most sought-after stars of today's generation.


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