WATCH: Mom Expecting First Child Left Financially Broke By Her Ex-Husband, But Her Life Changed When She Discovered Something In Their Oven!

When life strikes you hard, then strike back harder.

This is probably the most important lesson that Amanda from Sydney Australia will get to share from her experience. 

Amanda was married to her former husband for three years. Conceiving a baby was never easy for Amanda so when they found out that they were finally expecting, Amanda did all the efforts to ensure the safety and comfort of her first child.

The couple then decided to occupy a more spacious house for their baby. All their savings and monetary funds were invested in the property. Just when Amanda thought that her life was slowly aligning according to her plans, her husband suddenly decided to leave her.

Amanda was left will all the financial responsibilities and duties in connection with their new house because she did not expect that her husband would make such abrupt decision. 

It is fortunate that Amanda and her baby are brave survivors. Amanda did not lose hope that she would find a way out of these troubles. Luckily, Amanda was chosen to be the beneficiary of a radio station’s Giveback segment.


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