Watch Sandara Park Defend The Philippines From South Koreans!

On an episode of Korean variety show Battle Trip, Sandara Park promoted her beloved Philippines.

“One of the reasons why I wanted to introduce Philippines to the Battle Trip is that people always ask me about the Philippines — ‘Isn’t it dangerous? I hear public safety is poor?’ — They always ask me that unfortunate incidents are shown in the news," she said.

"I wanted to show that it’s not dangerous at all," she beamed.

To prove that the Philippines is a safe country for tourists, she brought her friend to popular, go-to spots such as the Taal Volcano crater lake in Tagaytay, as well as Cebu and Palawan

They did some sight-seeing, a bit of snorkeling, and even drank fresh coconut juice.

Contrary to Sandara's belief that the Philippines is perfectly safe for tourists, The UK, the US, Canada, and Australia have all declared the Philippines a dangerous tourist destination.

Sandara considers the Philippines her home away from home, and her defense of the Philippines, however misinformed, is why she is loved by many Filipinos.


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