WATCH: This Heartbreaking Moment When Ex-Lovers Meet Again After 30 Years Will Definitely Bring Tears To Your Eyes!

Yugoslavia-born performance artist Marina Abramovic is very prominent because of her though-provoking site-specific performance art and installations. She is very popular because of her masterpieces that stir emotion and critical thinking among its viewers. Aside from these successful installations, she is also known for one performance that really touched the hearts of many.

In 2012, Marina conducted ‘The Artist Is Present’ where she invited random strangers to sit in front of her and share a moment of silence with her for a minute. The instruction is they have to remain still while looking at each other’s eyes.

Marina was not aware that her ex-lover, Ulay, would be present and would do the activity with her. Ulay was her collaborator and ex-boyfriend back in the 70s. They last saw each other when they bade farewell at the Great Wall of China. They traveled the famous wall from end to end and met in the middle to say their final words for each other. Since then on, they never met again.

Until Ulay surprisingly appeared in front of Marina during her performance. Her emotions can be seen as her tears did not stop falling as soon as she realized that it was Ulay who was sitting in front of her.


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