WATCH: This Old Customer Is Always Mean To This Waitress But When He Died, He Left Her With Something Surprising!

Being a restaurant’s helper or waiter is definitely a tough job. Aside from the heavy workload, it is also a waiter’s job to be patient and kind when associating with a huge variety of people. This may sound tough, but it may eventually pay off, it seems.

This was proven by the unusual story of Melina Salazar, a waitress in Luby Restaurant from Brownsville, Texas. Melina has been a kind and patient waitress towards her customers. She is also an understanding and thoughtful restaurant helper for everyone. including one of their customer named Mr. Walter “Buck” Swords.

Mr. Swords is known to be a mean customer. The 90year-old man would always curse and yell at the restaurant’s waiters. It turned out that no one wanted to serve him. However, Melina remained patient and loving that even though she receives harsh words from him every day. 

Melina was shocked when Mr. Swords stopped coming to their restaurant. Unfortunately, she found out in their local newspaper that the old man already passed away. Just as when Melina thought it would be the end of their connection, a lawyer introduced himself to her and declared that the old man left something for her in return for her kindness.

She received a cash in a total of $50,000 and a car as an inheritance.

Melina then learned that “kindness is both given and received”.


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