WATCH: This Woman Made a Video of Herself and Her Boyfriend Who Committed Suicide!

It’s been ten days since the tragic incident occurred. Last April 8, Dahlia Lopez’s boyfriend Enrique Dehesa jumped off the window of the 9th floor of a condominium building, which she witnessed with her own eyes.

Dahlia made a video dedicated to their story. She also narrated how their problems came into the picture until that one day when Enrique chose to take his own life.

One morning, Dahlia narrates, Enrique just came back from a night out drinking with friends. He headed towards the window to check his car. But then he sat on the air conditioning unit and took a few selfies, which made Dahlia anxious. She pleaded Enrique that it was dangerous but he insisted and told her to leave him alone. That was when he jumped off.

Dahlia released her sorrow and frustrations in the video. It was too heartbreaking that it garnered almost 85,000 views from netizens. Some commenters expressed their condolences while some blame drugs.


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