What This Guy Did to the Girl on a Train Will Make You Furious! Watch What Happened Here!

It is a huge struggle for every commuter to travel from one destination to another. You will need to face an ocean of other commuters and find a comfortable spot of your own. 

Recently, a video of a guy sexually harassing a girl has gone viral. “Shanghaiist,” a Facebook fan page, uploaded the video and it now has over  21 million views. The video shows a guy filming the underwear of the girl who is wearing a skirt. The girl is seemingly unaware of the guy's perverted action. 

The video has earned lots of negative comments. Some users gave advises to women, saying that they should be aware of their surroundings especially when wearing skirts and commuting.

This video proves that sexual harassment is not limited to touching physically or verbalizing sexual words. 

To all the girls, make sure to be alert at all time as you may never know when sexual harassment may occur. 


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