#WILD: Look at What This Girl Was Doing Right in the Middle of a Field! Absolutely Sizzling!

With the temperature going up and the humidity on the air getting thicker, summer is definitely around the corner. 

It’s no wonder that people are getting more and more annoyed with their clothes and opting to wear light and thin fabrics instead. 

In this girl’s case, she was so into the heat that she simply took off her top and danced to her heart’s content--right in the middle of a field! 

The video was uploaded on Facebook fan page ‘another girl’ and has garnered 790,536 views as of this writing. It has already gained 16 thousand ‘likes’ as well, along with a whopping 1.1 thousand comments. 

Wonder why the video is getting so much buzz? 

For starters, its caption is “Playful.” Once you click the play button, you will see a long-haired girl taking her shirt off. 

She’s right in the middle of a field. 

And then we see that she has no bra--surprise, surprise!--on. She proceeds to hold the shirt in front of her teasingly while she seduces the camera. 

She does this for a few seconds and then we’re given a view of her shorts. She proceeded to hold its garter and give us a peak of her behind.


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