You Wouldn't Believe How This Girl Suddenly Appeared in Front of a Guy! See How She Teleports Here!

Teleportation is the ability to move vast distances within the blink of an eye. The concept of teleportation comes primarily from science fiction, but things are changing.

While the possibility of teleporting objects from one place to another like they do in the movies is way beyond our current and near-future capabilities, the same can’t be said for the memory of our existence. 

It’s a whole new generation now and developments in the understanding of quantum physics have been used to theorize how real world teleportation could be possible.

A video clip circulating on the Internet shows a girl who suddenly appeared in front of a dancing guy. When you watch the clip you'll see an ordinary video of a guy who is dancing in a hallway. Suddenly, as he approaches another hallway that has no one in it, there was suddenly a girl who appeared in front of him.

For some people, the video seems scary as the girl just appeared out of nowhere, and others imply it was edited, which is not impossible with the technology we have today.


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