These People Claim To Have Stigmata or the W0unds of Jesus Christ!

In case you’re wondering what a stigmata is, these are markings on the body that resemble the w0unds inflicted on Jesus Christ during his crucifixion. These w0unds appear in the forehead, palms, and wrists.

Below is list of 10 people who claimed to have miraculously manifested stigmata. Read on to find out how they got the divine markings.

1. St. Francis of Assissi

These People Claim To Have Stigmata or the w0unds of Jesus Christ!

St. Francis of Assissi was the first notable person to experience the stigmata phenomenon. He was a young and rich man who chose to devote his whole life to God. In 1224, he went to a retreat in the mountains and fasted for 40 days. The stigmata appeared in his palms soon after. He hid the w0unds and suffered from them. 2 years later, he died. He is considered the founder of all Franciscan orders and the patron saint of ecologists and merchants.

2. Fr. Zlatco Sudac

These People Claim To Have Stigmata or the w0unds of Jesus Christ!

During a friendly get-together, Croatian priest Zlatco Sudac received a 1 inch-long wound on his forehead. A year after, markings also appeared on his palms, feet, and side. The Vatican declared that his w0unds were “not of human origin.” Zlatco claimed that the markings didn’t cause him any pain whenever he prayed. Aside from the stigmata, he also claimed to possess divine abilities of levitation, prophecy, and bilocation (being in two places at the same time).

3. Emiliano Aden

These People Claim To Have Stigmata or the w0unds of Jesus Christ!

At the age of 19, Emiliano manifested stigmata while on his way home with his girlfriend from the grocery store. As he walked, he felt a piercing pain on his forehead. He was then rushed to the hospital, but when he was told he had migraine, his forehead started bleeding and then he collapsed. The bleeding didn’t stop no matter what his mother did. Eventually, he was rushed to a local priest. 

Unfortunately, the priest denied his case and accused Emiliano of causing his own w0unds. Despite the priest’s accusation, Emiliano believed that his markings were divine. Today, the bleeding from his forehead, hands and an unrevealed wound continue, but he combines them with prayer and ecstasy.


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