These Girls Were Doing a Live Video While Fixing Their Hair but Little Did They Know They're Showing off TOO MUCH!

Many people are fond of recording themselves live on social media because it gives them a boost of self-esteem and leads them into thinking “Hey, I’m important too!” 

Others just simply want to “immortalize” the moment--so to speak--and capture what would possibly entice the audience to play the video again and again. 

YouTube account Tulfo News’ uploaded a video that showed two girls doing a live recording on social media. One of them is curling the other girl’s hair. 

The girl responsible for curling is wearing a tee and shorts while the girl being curled is wearing a white long-sleeved shirt or cardigan, and shorts.

Nothing much is going on but when you watch further, it could be seen that netizens are flooding the girls’ live video with their comments.

Apparently, they could glimpse what’s inside the curler’s shorts. The girl, on the other hands, seems oblivious of this fact and continues her magic, curling the girl’s hair. 

When the video reaches the one-minute mark, the curler is suddenly shocked that she has been receiving lots of comments on their live video.


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