This Man Was On A Kiddie Ride Trying To Enjoy It. But What Happens Next Was Truly Unbelievable!

It only took a couple of days for this hilarious clip to earn over 50,000 reactions and 40,000 shares online. 

On Monday, Kuala Lumpur-based Facebook page KL Online’ uploaded this video of an overweight Korean guy on a duck springer. But the kiddie ride couldn’t handle his weight, so the spring and tile gave in!

Watch the funny video below.

However, some netizens weren’t that happy about the event. Here are some of their responses:

Syler Allison: “Yes funny but also a concern people that are adult and maybe fat should respect that these are for children to enjoy plus created in mind for children to use. Not overweight/podgy adults. What a plonker.”

Any Toh: “Is it funny? You know just because of you, how many children won’t be able to play that? Have you ever thought that before? It's free but it doesn't mean you can simply destroy it whenever you want and don't tell me that that guy doesn't know he will break it off.”


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