See the Stunning Photos of Gretchen Barreto's Mansion in an Exlcusive Village in Makati

Gretchen Baretto, known in the local showbiz industry as La Greta is one of the most formidable actresses around. She hails from the Baretto family, which is considered a royal family in show business and also one of the most controversial families around.

Her elegant beauty and good voice allowed her to make a name for herself in the 90's.She became part of the pioneer group "Regal Babies"  She starred in films opposite top leading men of her day, including Bong Revilla and Richard Gomez. Her films range from teeny boppers to soft sexy films.

Today, she is a dedicated mom to daughter, Dominique and a happy partner to business tycoon TonyBoy Cojuanco who is part of the powerful Cojuanco clan.

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