This Girl Accused a Guy of R*Ping Her! She Was Surprised to Find out That He Has Plenty of Evidence to Show That She Is Lying!

Not every relationship is perfect. Along the way, you will experience misunderstandings with your partner. These problems though will help you decide whether the relationship is worth keeping or not. 

One guy was able to realize just how crazy his partner is and how problematic their relationship is when she accused him of r*ping her. However, the guy had plenty of evidence to prove that he wasn’t lying at all. 

He said:
“Ok people so Emily west as reported me for rape just been in a cell for 9 hours to be released just now so… cause Ryan is very clued up for last 3 week I was with her I recorded everything coppers just seen it she‘s in trouble for lying I’m disgusted how could some one stoop that low awfull witch she’s still got all my clothes passport tv etc bank cards thank god I used my brains she’s also reported a copper for raping her in a cell in Scarborough when she was arrested 3 week ago wen she bit a 70 year old lady my 12 year old brother she getting sectioned next just to let everyone no the phone call was 3 days before she accused me she was saying I woke her up arguing because she hit me an bust my lip that’s why she said she was confused just to clear it up the day she said the rape took place I was at home at my parents hence why the police now no thanks share share share share share”

He also shared a few photos and videos detailing how abusive his ex-grilfriend Emily was. Take a look at them:


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