People Were Confused Why This Woman's Coffin Was Too Heavy And When They Saw What's Inside, All Were Terrified!

Losing a loved one all of a sudden is hard thing to accept. The thought of not being able to talk to them anymore ad feel their presence is a difficult thing to go through. But what if your loved one suddenly started a conversation with you beyong the grave? What would you do and how would you feel?

This story has been circulating around for quite some time now and has been passed on from one person to another. It tells the story of a a young college girl, named Tiffany, who passed away due to an accident.

Before she died, she told her friends and relatives that she wanted to buried with her phone as this means a great deal to her. 

Aside from using her mobile device to pass the time, she also uses it to communicate with her boyfriend Joel and even shifted from Smart to Globe just so she could talk to him longer. 

According to her family and friends, Tiffany is always texting or talking to Joel. In fact, you couldn’t separate the two whenever they are having a conversation. 

Unfortunately, Tiffany got hit by a dump truck and passed away without Joel knowing of it. 

Sadly, they couldn’t bury Tiffany since they weren’t able to carry her coffin. It’s as if a huge weight was on top of it. 

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