Meet The Famous Celebrities Who Are Members Of Different Fraternities And Sororities!

One of the important decisions every elite incoming college student has to make is whether they’re going to join a fraternity or a sorority. Depending on your family and friends, you may have been given very different opinions on the fraternity or sorority life, and while it’s not for everyone, you should definitely consider the benefits of joining a fraternity or sorority before you dismiss the idea. Like what these famous Filipino personalities did!

1. SAM MILBY - joined Alpha Kappa Rho.

2. FRANKLIN DRILON - joined Sigma Rho.

3. ARA MINA - joined Alpha Kappa Rho.

4. RICHARD GOMEZ - joined Tau Gamma Phi.

5. CHAREE PINEDA - joined Tau Gamma Phi.

6. JUAN PONCE ENRILE - joined Sigma Rho.

7. LUIS MANZANO - joined Tau Gamma Phi.

8. SONNY ANGARA -  joined Sigma Rho.


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