Heart Evangelista Balak Mag-Retiro Pagkatapos Ng Limang Taon. Alamin Ang Dahilan Niya Kung Bakit.

Some people opted to retire at an early age because not everyone is driven to spend time on money-making activities. For them, they value personal things, family life and spiritual growth over material things. Generally, those people are happier, healthier and more centered.

Kapuso star Heart Evangelista, the better-half of Senator Chiz Escudero, now sees herself retiring from her showbiz career in 5 years and recently she has just celebrated her 19th anniversary in the industry.

She revealed her plan during the recent press conference for her romantic-comedy series on GMA 7. “My Korean Jagiya”. She stated;

“Everything that happened after my 10th year was just a bonus, and I’m grateful. I’m giving myself five years. After that, I think I deserve to really live my life,”

“I plan my life. I think about everything—I take note of how much I make and how long it would last me,”

Heart wants to focus more on herself, family's businesses, food and fashion, those are the things she has been considering for her potential career move.

When it comes about having a baby, she said that both she and Senator Chiz Escudero are not in a hurry to have one, they would actively try it next year in January.
 “It’s not on top of our list; I’m a  career-oriented person. But definitely, we will prioritize that by then,” Heart said.

She also made a witty remarked that in a way she’s already a mother of two since Senator Chiz has 9 year old twins (boy and girl) with his first wife. Heart actually takes care of some of the kids school stuff and for her it’s already a big responsibility.
“I’m more patient now. I take care of some of their school stuff. It’s a big responsibility, but I think I’m ready to have mine,” she said.

She’s now trying to be more patient, believing that it is more or less the right time since she’s  already 32.

“Chiz doesn’t really pressure me to give him a baby. But I’m 32 now, and I believe it’s more or less the right time,”
She got emotional at the press conference and admitted that being in the showbiz industry is not always easy, but getting good projects at this point of her career is something “overwhelming”

She said Yes, it pays well, but it could also get draining, emotionally,”
“People will judge you despite not knowing you or what you do when the camera isn’t rolling.” She added.

Just like any other celebrities, Heart has experienced online bashing. Recently, she was criticized by some netizens saying that she was just being show-off for posting photos of luxury items on her Instagram.

“It’s all about fashion. I paint on bags, it’s one of my businesses. These are things I have worked hard for,” she stressed.
She’s trying to stay positive and remind herself that she’s blessed with good life when times negativity is being too much.

She said  “Sometimes, you take that for granted, especially when people say bad things to you, when they punch you even if you have no intention of fighting back,”  

“You can’t let these things bother you. I’m healthy, my career and family are OK. What more can I ask for? You just have to learn to ignore them” 

“What I have learned in show biz is to enjoy life and my work. Act as if this is your last [show]. And always be grateful and nice, and never look down on anyone.” Heart added.

She plays Gia in “Jagiya”, who  is addicted to Korean drama and a quirky grade school tutor, whose dream  is to meet her longtime crush Korean superstar Kum-Jun-ho.

Heart is very happy for her new project saying  “You don’t always get projects like this. This is big for me, and I’m grateful,”

Some of the scenes were shot in Korea’s top tourist destinations such as Soul Land Theme Park, Nami Island and Namsan Park.

Netizens what do you think about Heart’s plan to retire in her showbiz career in 5 years? Do you think it’s too early? Or Is it good for her to focus more on her family? Share your thoughts with us!
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Source: Inquirer