Mga Celebrities Nagpabonggahan Ng Christmas Tree Decorations! Sino Nga Ba Ang May Pinkabongga? Alamin Dito!

The Holiday season is just around the corner and every time the Christmas season is about to come, we can't help but experience the same problem we had for the past years - decorating our Christmas trees!

It's pretty hard to decorate your Christmas tree especially if you have high standards. And now, to give you different ideas on how you should decorate your Christmas trees, 'Real Living' had stalked a few celebrities and find out how they decorated their Christmas trees! 

1. Have fun with colors
- It's' no secret that red, gold, and green are the favorite colors for Christmas. But then, maybe it's time for a little change and try to do what Kim Chiu did. She added some hints of silver, gold, green, and her favorite color, Pink!

The netizens just can't stop admiring the finished product of Kim Chiu's decoration! The pink balls truly matched everything and it just made her tree look more elegant! 

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