Netizens May Napansing Kakaiba Sa Litrato Ni Maja Salvador Kung Saan Siya Ay Nagmistulang Photogapher Ni Cacai Bautista!

Maja Salvador is one of the finest picks in the showbiz industry. Because of her impressive acting prowess, she has been tagged as one of the most recognized faces in the showbiz industry. But then, did you know that aside from being an actress, Maja Salvador can also be your personal photographer?

Recently, the YouTube channel of 'Jassyreignz happyTV' had posted a video that features Maja Salvador acting as if she's Cacai Bautista's photographer! As of this writing, the video has already garnered a total of 196,890 views! 

In the viral short clip, Maja Salvador could be seen bending her knees and was trying to look for the best angle while she's holding her smartphone and aiming the best view for Cacai Bautista. Meanwhile, Cacai gamely posed as if she's a fashion model!


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