This man posted a selfie with his late girlfriend that left the netizens crying! Their bittersweet story will surely break your heart!

Death is inevitable. No matter how long you live, you will still die because death is a natural occurrence in life. Although death is normal, you will still feel the pain whenever you lose someone you love. It was never easy losing someone important in your life because when you are the one who was left alone, you would feel everything starting from pain, to anger to depression until you finally accepted what happened.

Just recently, a man has brought everyone in tears after he posted a story between him and his late girlfriend. 

On the 16th of July, Bernam Michael posted a selfie that h took with his girlfriend Micaya Oberaz Medina. It's no ordinary selfie because in the photo, his girlfriend is already lying inside a coffin. 

The photo was taken at his late girlfriend's wake. He took a selfie with her and posted it online along with a caption that somehow showed him doing a pa-cute talk. People who read his post then thought that it was both cute and tragic at the same time. 

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